KATY (Covering Katy News) - Buc-ee’s stores statewide are giving new life to the 33 year-old anti-littering Don’t mess with Texas campaign. The reinvigorated campaign will consist of many visible reminders in Buc-ees stores and on their famous roadside billboard.

At the stores there will be T-shirts, stuffed animals, and the iconic red, white, and blue Don’t mess with Texas trash barrels. There will also be education initiatives like art contests and coloring books with an anti-littering message that will be distributed to school age kids.

Buc-ees owner Arch “Bever” Aplin could have kicked off the campaign at any of his Texas stores, but he decided to use his Katy location as the backdrop for the announcement.

“We could have accomplished this in any place, but the proximity to Houston and several million people who live here, we thought Katy was a good place to start,” Aplin said.

The Don’t mess with Texas slogan is owned by TxDOT. The campaign kicked off 33-years-ago with musician Stevie Ray Vaughn seen on TV picking his electric guitar while introducing the anti-littering slogan. While the slogan is famous, people still need a reminder not to litter. A recent study found that 362 million pieces of trash still continue to be found along Texas roads each year.

“We spend over $38 million of TxDOT money (cleaning up trash), said TxDOT Chairman J. Bruce Bugg Jr. “That’s TxDOT money that could be used to build roads for the people of the State of Texas,” he added.

“We’re happy to do this,” Aplin said. “As a business we think it makes sense. We think we can really help get the message out. I hope in the future other Texas companies will step up and help spread the message.”

It was Aplin’s idea to partner with the state and spread the Don’t mess with Texas message statewide according to Charman Bugg.

“Thank you for being a great Texan and a great corporate citizen,” Bugg said to Aplin.

“We’re all here because we love Texas. It’s beautiful,” Aplin said.

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