KCM resale store on Kingsland Boulevard is now open


KATY/HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) –  Katy Christian Ministries opened its second resale store on Kingsland Boulevard between Peek Road and the Grand Parkway Thursday morning at 9 a.m.  It is the second resale shop that KCM operates. The original store is on First Street in Katy and is stocked with donated items and sold at below outlet prices.

The ribbon was cut at the new store earlier this month but the shop could not open until it received a thumbs up from the fire marshal’s office. That has now happened and the store is now fully operational.

“The outlet is 9,000 square feet, which is approximately twice the size of our other resale outlet on First Street in Katy,” said KCM Treasurer and project manager Dennis Lee.

Lee says KCM is looking forward to attracting additional people as customers and donors.  The new site will have a donation drop-off location, and the retail store will also have a section for high quality, branded, boutique goods.

“People who like high-quality items and a bargain might be interested in visiting us to see what inventory we have,” Lee said.

Proceeds from the resale store pay for the services of Katy Christian Ministries which include crisis management, social services, and a food pantry.

“We are one of the only places that manage domestic violence and sexual abuse cases in Katy proper,” said KCM president Kent Black. “We have relationships with government agencies – fire and police – when these things occur we reach out and help these folks.”

When people shop or donate at the KCM resale store they will be doing more than getting a good deal, they will be helping those in need.

“We’re adding more to the sustainability of all our programs and the ministry through the resale store, so it is a blessing,” said KCM executive director Deysi Crespo said

The video above has additional information and a look at the inside of KCM’s new store.

The resale store is located at 23232 Kingsland Blvd.

An additional message from KCM

New Store Needs:

1. We are in need of volunteers at BOTH store locations so please visit www.ktcm.org/volunteer to submit your application and find a day/time to attend a quick orientation session. If you have already done all this, just show up! We really could use your help!

2. We also need hangers and plastic grocery bags to help us save on costs to run a second store. These items can be brought to either store location.

3. Your donations of gently used items! For a full list of items we can/cannot accept, or to schedule a pickup from your home or business, please visit www.ktcm.org/resale.


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