NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas (Covering Katy News) - A group of beekeepers from New Braunfels may soon have their own reality show.

Charlie Agar and fellow beekeepers, Al Friedle and George Thomas, have spent several years capturing and relocating africanized bees throughout the Texas Hill Country. Their company is call the Charlie Bee Company.

In 2017, Agar was contacted by Ashley Scott Davison, CEO of the production company iniosante incabout producing an unscripted reality series based on the beekeeping work of Agar and his team. Agar himself works in the video production industry and when approached by Davison, was pleasantly intrigued at the idea of a television-show based on his hobby.

"People know about the plight of pollinators, and the show is a great opportunity to both educate and share our passion for bees, beekeeping, and the ecology of our beautiful Hill Country," Agar said.

Davison and his team have produced two documentaries on giraffe conservation — the first for National Geographic — and are currently developing a film about rhinos. Taking a detour from our planet's largest of mammals, Davison wanted to zero in on a small species with a big impact.

"I love New Braunfels, so it's a treat to highlight our hometown. But the issues affecting bees are a global, we wouldn't have many of the foods we routinely buy at the store without them. And no tv show has ever been made that focuses on these critically important little honey-makers," Davison said.

By the end of 2017, Davison and his team had followed Charlie Bee on numerous bee removals, filming — and getting stung — each and every step of the way. The production crew eventually cut a pilot together and were selected into more than a dozen international film festivals where they won four awards, most notably "Best Reality Show" at Catalyst Content in 2018. Iniosante is currently looking for underwriter support to produce season one of Charlie Bee Company which would air on PBS via KLRU-TV in Austin.

The pilot episode is now available to rent and purchase on Amazon Prime and will be available to stream for free on December 24. Charlie and his team have asked that all who watch the pilot on Amazon to please share and leave a review.

"More views and positive reviews will make it all the more likely to get this award-winning TV series funded and produced."

The link to view the Charlie Bee Company pilot on Amazon Prime is available here —

To make a tax deductible donation to fund the Charlie Bee Company TV series on PBS, visit IFP.or

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