KATY, HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) - Austin’s cult favorite wood-fired coffee shop Summer Moon will soon be opening at 19901 Kingsland Boulevard at South Fry Road. It's going to be in the same spot that was once a Starbucks. 

KM Realty has leased 1,800 square feet of space to coffee shop.

While ample coffee shops exist around Houston, none offers completely wood-fired coffee, making this Austin import a Katy first.

The founding family of Summer Moon wanted to bring an American authenticity to coffee that was largely missing from American coffee culture. Their use of brick, fire and oak wood to craft their custom coffee roasts maintains an element of craftsmanship to the trade and instills much-deserved pride in the family business.

"The wood-fired coffee will always be fresh, with Summer Moon in Katy receiving weekly shipments of new roasts," said a statement from the company. "Another unique aspect is Summer Moon’s “Moon Milk,” a proprietary blend of all-natural, unrefined sugar with subtle hints of spice, leading to menu favorites of whole-, half- and quarter-moon lattes.

When KM Realty and Summer Moon began initial discussions about locations for the first Houston outpost, there were numerous options, but Kingsland Plaza stood out. Ryan Richardson, Summer Moon’s Houston licensee, grew up and lives in Katy; he knows the area well. “Katy is home, and I knew I wanted Summer Moon to enter Houston in this high-growth area,” says Richardson. The area’s three-mile, five-year population growth is projected at 9%, meaning a substantial new amount of coffee lovers. He connected with Steven Stone, KM Realty’s Director of Leasing, through Chris Abel of Keller Williams, and that brought him to Kingsland Plaza.

“Summer Moon will be a boon to Kingsland Plaza and our portfolio of tenants,” says Stone. “At Kingsland Plaza and our other properties that we own or manage, we always strive to bring in tenants that area residents may find appealing. Kingsland Plaza has the traffic counts and morning commutes in a great area that will make Summer Moon a runaway success.”

Summer Moon will open in November. 

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