Details for Grants Associate

Summary: The Grants Associate is responsible for daily activities in support of the organization’s development programs, specifically grants. The Grants Associate should be able to practice adaptability to adjust to changes, demonstrate abstract and creative thinking, exert comfortability in decision making and execution of solutions, recognize opportunities for improvement, formulate ideas and understand the relationships between Project Teams and Unit Teams within the organization.


  1. Actively searches for grant opportunities that are in alignment of where the organization is headed, writes for, and produces grant reports to ensure that the resources to acquire the support needed to offer high quality health care and health related services are sought and secured.
  2. Identifies and researches suitable foundations and corporate funding opportunities
  3. Provides feedback to program and Advancement staff on funding opportunities, funder interests, and how they might intersect with current or future programs.
  4. Connects with foundation staff, open doors for meetings and maintain relationships with key figures, whenever possible.
  1. Writes compelling, concise, and accurate grant applications outlining the outputs and outcomes; assembles and submits grant packages, including letters, proposals, budgets, presentations, and financial statements.
  2. Develops templates to streamline the grant writing and reporting process.
  3. Persuasively communicates the organization’s mission and programs.
  4. Drafts, coordinates, and submits reports on funded work; ensures prompt acknowledgement of foundation gifts.
  5. Communicates to the Director of Advancement on progress and outcomes at all stages of the funding process.
  6. Tracks prospecting efforts, including building and maintaining leads in grant prospecting report, maintains grant timeline calendars, and logs all communications with potential foundation partners.
  7. Keeps clear, accurate records on the application process, including the filing of response letters, tracking report deadlines, and any relevant correspondence.
  8. Participates and offers support to achieve sustainability, affluence and advocacy by cultivating relationships, utilizing diverse marketing tools to target audiences in the community, and diversifying funding streams.
  9. Completes a quantity and quality of work output that is within acceptable standards.
  10. Uses resources effectively; manages time well.
  11. Demonstrates an active interest in enhancing current skills and learning new ones.
  12. Applies advanced functional or technical knowledge to foster innovation and complex problem-solving process.
  13. Demonstrates an exemplary level of accomplishment in job performance.


Education and/or Experience:  Associate’s or Bachelor’s in communication or English preferred. Experience working in a non-profit environment a plus.  1-3 years of grant writing and reporting experience required. Experience with Microsoft Office necessary.


Submission Deadline: Friday, October 18, 2019 at 5 pm.

  • Employer
    Christ Clinic
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