CITY OF KATY (Covering Katy News) - The ability to smash a car window or quickly cut a seatbelt can be the difference between life and death for adults involved in car accidents, or children who are trapped in hot vehicles. Now, thanks to a donation from Houston Community College, the Katy Fire Department has nearly 300 lifesaving tools that will be used to save people involved in car crashes. 

The tools can be utilized when a car is burning, submerged in water, or any other instance when quick extrication from a vehicle is imperative.

"Our student recruiters were cleaning out their storage at the Katy campus and found a nearly 300 emergency rescue hammer tools," said HCC's Montrose Cunningham. "They're the hammers that motorists can use if they're ever trapped in their car. They have the metal point to break the window. In the handle there's also a blade that can cut your safety belt."

HCC Student Recruiter Ben Byrum said his team wanted to put the tools to good use so they donated all 276 devices to the Katy F.D.

"I called the Katy Fire Department and they told me they'd love for us to donate them," Bryum said. 

Lieutenant Harry Haynes of the Katy Fire Department said HCC's timing was perfect.

"We just completed vehicle extrication training where firefighters train on rescuing people from a motor vehicle collision," Haynes said. "A local junkyard donated some cars and we got to cut them up, cut the roofs off, cut the doors up, break the windows, cut the seat belts, all the things that we would do on a true emergency scene."

Haynes expects to distribute the tools to firefighters and give the rest away to the public.

Below is a video that explains how the tools work.

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