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KATY – Beginning in October, Katy ISD students in grades 1-4 can be referred for screening for the 2020-2021 gifted and talented program. Parents must complete a parent checklist, which can be obtained from the student’s school or from the Katy ISD website.

The deadline for completing and returning the parent checklist for students in grades 1-4 is October 30, 2019. Checklists that are not returned by the deadline will not be screened for service for the 2020-2021 school year. The State of Texas requires that various types of measures be used to identify students for gifted programs, which include observations and standardized tests. The program for elementary students consists of a one-day pullout in the Challenge classroom with a teacher trained in gifted education.

Students in grades 6-11 may also be referred for screening for services in the Secondary GT program beginning in November. The deadline to submit the secondary GT parent checklist is December 4, 2019. Secondary GT students are clustered and served in PreAP and AP classes.

GT Awareness sessions for parents will be presented in both English and Spanish and are scheduled on Tuesday, October 15, for parents of students in grades 1-4 and on Tuesday, November 12, for parents of students in grades 6-11. Both sessions will begin at 7:00 p.m. - Education Support Complex, 6301 S. Stadium Lane, Katy, TX 77494.

Transfer students, who were screened in Fall 2019, must wait one full academic year before they can be rescreened.

Parents may contact campus counselors, elementary Challenge teachers, or G/T facilitators if they have additional questions. Elementary and secondary parent checklists may be found on the Katy ISD GT and Advanced Academics webpage.

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