2019 State of the District

Katy ISD superintendent Ken Gregorski delivers his 2019 state of the district address at the Leonard Merrell Center. 

KATY (Covering Katy News) - The State of the Katy Independent School District continues to be growth, and lots of it. Katy Independent School District Superintendent Ken Gregorski says voters will likely see another construction bond on their ballot next year.

"Although the 2017 bond might seem like it was just yesterday, we’ll likely be looking at another bond in 2020," Gregorski revealed in his State of the District address held Friday at the Merrell Center. 

Taylor High School Choir

The Taylor High School Choir performed at the 2019 Katy ISD State of the District event.

Gregorski revealed that 73 percent of the work funded by the 2017 bond has been completed and the district needs to continue building to keep up with growth in population. 

"When finished in its entirety, this bond will have provided: six new schools; a comprehensive renovation at Fielder Elementary; component replacements at 61 campuses; a much needed revamp and expansion of the career and technical education space at Katy High School, safety and security improvements at 40 campuses; technology upgrades at 27 campuses; as well as buses, portables and fuel storage tank replacements," Gregorski said. 

With growth in population the district needs to keep building according to the superintendent. 

He said, if placed on the ballot and approved by voters, the 2020 bond "would support the district’s ability to continue providing a world class education to the nearly 100,000 students we’re projected to see by 2028," Gregorski said. 

Much of Gregorski's remarks were designed to reinforce that the district is providing a top-notch education to its students.

Katy ISD School Board President Courtney Doyle

Katy ISD School Board President Courtney Doyle speaks at the 2019 State of the District event.

"Just this past summer, Katy ISD was named the number one school district in the greater Houston area by Niche, a national and independent research and data analysis firm," said superintendent Ken Greogorski who made the point that the state of the district is extremely strong.

"We just learned earlier this week that nineteen of our elementary schools were ranked among the top 25 elementary schools in the greater Houston area," Gregorski said. "I’m sure we’ll be hearing about the junior high and high school rankings soon too," he added.

The Texas Education Agency also gave Katy ISD an “A” as an overall letter grade. Of the 10 largest school districts in the state, Katy ISD was the only one to earn an “A” from TEA.

The Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas assigned Katy ISD a Superior Achievement recognition and an “A” rating, and the College Board named Katy ISD the nation’s Advanced Placement Large School District of the Year. Forbes Magazine has also ranked Katy ISD as the 22nd best place to work in Texas.

State of the District

Hundreds of people attended the 2019 State of the District event. 

"This district was one of only two school districts in the entire state to make that list," Gregorski said.

Two years ago the Board of Trustees and school district staff established a five year strategic plan. It targets instruction, professional development, recruitment and retention, technology, facilities, and safety. Gregorski says the plan is working and many of the goals have already been met in a short period of time. 

"We have reworked our programs and curriculum to make certain students are engaged in personalized learning experiences," he said. "We have ingrained a culture of safety into nearly everything that we do. Take for example our Legacy Parent Academy that has focused on student welfare and mental health strategies. Approaches to student safety and well being are also embedded in the training we provide to staff who assist students in need of social and emotional supports, and it’s rooted in our curriculum."

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