KATY (Covering Katy News) - A Taylor High School paraprofessional has been charged with injury to a disabled individual after she allegedly hit a 15-year-old special education student with autism in the back of his head with her cellphone. 

According to the Katy Independent School District Police Department the events happened in a classroom on Oct. 22, 2019, at Taylor High School.

Crystal Jane Sedlar, 48, was charged by the Katy Independent School District Police Department and will be prosecuted by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. She’s facing a third-degree felony.

Court documents say there are three witnesses to the crime. The witnesses are two Taylor High School teachers and a Tylor High School paraprofessional.

One of the Taylor High School teachers who witnessed the events told a Katy ISD police officer that the student became argumentative in the classroom and was being counseled by a second teacher and that Sedlar injected herself into the situation by grabbing the student by the arms, from behind, in an attempt to move him physically.

The student and Sedlar then got into a fight.

According to the criminal complaint, another paraprofessional stepped in and diffused the situation by walking the student out of the classroom. That’s when witnesses said Sedlar struck the student with her cellphone.

One witness described the blow as “hard enough to make a smacking sound,” according to court documents. Another witness said the strike was “not full force” but “not a tap,” and was inappropriate.

The student then “freaked out” and there was another altercation where the student grabbed and pulled Sedlar’s hair and the two began exchanging blows, according to the criminal complaint.

When the events were over the student said he was in pain from being stuck by the cellphone.

Katy ISD issued the following statement concerning the arrest of Sedlar:

The Katy ISD Police and Human Resources Department recently investigated an allegation involving a paraprofessional. The investigation commenced the same day the allegation was reported. While the individual resigned during that inquiry, the investigation led to a third-degree-felony injury to a child or disabled individual charge being recommended to, and accepted by, the District Attorney. 

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