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FORT BEND ISD (Covering Fort Bend News) – Fort Bend ISD is inviting parents and community members interested in serving on its new School Boundary Oversight Committee to submit online applications that will be accepted through Aug. 25.

The FBISD Board of Trustees modified its policy that addresses school attendance areas in May 2019 and established the development of the SBOC, which specifies that membership shall include one community member and three parents from each high school feeder pattern (which consists of elementary schools, middle schools, and one high school).

“Modifying and changing attendance boundaries is never something the Board of Trustees takes lightly, and we remain committed to involving the community in this process,” said FBISD Board President Jason Burdine. “Through the establishment of the SBOC, our board is ensuring another level of parent and community engagement following each annual enrollment review. While changing boundaries is difficult, the needs of all students are at the forefront.”

As defined in Board Policy FC (Local), school attendance boundaries are established by the board upon recommendation of the superintendent, with oversight for the board by the SBOC. Policy also states that school attendance boundaries shall change whenever a new school is needed, a need to balance enrollment exists, or when it is determined to be in the best interest of students.

As an oversight committee, the SBOC will also be charged with gaining community input on any proposed change by holding community meetings in any areas that could be affected.

Additional information about the School Boundary Oversight Committee and the online application can be located online at Applications will be accepted through Aug. 25. All applications will be reviewed by District staff using objective criteria to ensure representation from each high school feeder pattern, with final appointment by the Board of Trustees in September.

The work of this committee will be for any potential boundary changes for 2020-21 and beyond

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