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FORT BEND ISD (Covering Fort Bend News) – The 2019 Accountability Ratings have been released for Fort Bend ISD. All of Fort Bend ISD’s campuses met the 2019 accountability standard set by the Texas Education Agency. The 2019 District and campus accountability results were released to school districts today, with 48 of FBISD’s campuses receiving Distinctions.

Under the state’s new accountability system, which assigns a letter grade to all public school campuses in each of the state’s domains, 74 of the district’s 77 rated campuses received an A, B, or C. Only three campuses received a D, and there were no F ratings. The three campuses to receive a D rating are Christa Mcauliffe Middle School, Ridgemont Elementary and Lula Belle Goodman Elementary.

“This year’s state accountability results demonstrate that our hard work is paying off. Over the last seven years, we have worked as a collective team – from the board room to the classroom – to develop and implement new systems and new curriculum that ensure all students have equitable access to a quality education. I am especially proud of our teachers. They are doing a phenomenal job in classrooms each day and truly making it happen,” said FBISD Superintendent of Schools Charles Dupre.

The new accountability system also assigns an overall letter grade to the district based on the performance of each campus. Fort Bend ISD was given a B rating because the district grade is capped at a B if any school receives an overall grade of D or F, even if the overall district score is an A. For this reason, although FBISD achieved an overall score of 90, the reported score is capped at 89.

Student Growth and Progress

While 2019 is the first year of official A-F ratings, each campus received overall and domain scores in 2018 that could be interpreted as letter grades. In 2019, ten FBISD campuses progressed from a D or F grade to a B or C.

Lantern Lane Elementary saw the most dramatic student gains, as the campus received an F score in 2018 and earned a B in 2019.

Also of note:

  • Glover Elementary and Hunters Glen Elementary progressed from an F score to a C.
  • Mission Bend Elementary improved from a D score to a B.
  • Both Marshall High School and Willowridge High School improved from a D score to a C.
  • The district met all twenty-five Domain 3: Closing the Gaps targets for Student Success Status and School Quality in ELA/Reading and Mathematics.
  • The district achieved twenty-six of twenty-eight Domain 3: Closing the Gaps targets in Growth Status.
  • All twenty-eight targets in Academic Achievement for ELA/Reading and Mathematics were achieved.
  • All student groups met the participation rate of 95 percent or above.  All student groups were at 99 percent or 100 percent participation.

Distinction Designations:

In 2019, FBISD campuses earned a total of 157 distinctions in seven categories, compared to 134 in 2018. The seven categories in which a campus may earn a distinction are: 

  • English Language Arts/Reading
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Academic Growth
  • Closing Performance Gaps
  • Post-Secondary Readiness

At the campus level, 48 campuses earned one or more Distinction Designations, and 4 campuses earned all Distinction Designations for which they were eligible. A list of all campus distinctions is available in the 2019 Distinction Designations Summary.

“While we are pleased with the gains in the state accountability results, it is also important that we all recognize how Fort Bend ISD uses the STAAR test and accountability results to analyze and disrupt trends. We know no single test or A-F rating can adequately portray the work that goes on inside of our school buildings each day,” said Dupre. “In Fort Bend ISD, we are committed to developing the whole child, in accordance with the skills and attributes of our Profile of a Graduate and the expectations of our community. We are proud of our ongoing work to develop a community-based accountability system so that we can measure our success in a way that is more meaningful and productive. We are preparing students to lead real lives in the real-world, which means our work must go well beyond high-stakes testing.”

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