John Minchew

John Minchew, Republican candidate for Fort Bend County Sheriff.

Republican John Minchew announced his candidacy for Fort Bend County Sheriff on Thursday, Sept. 12.  Below is his unedited statement.

I am a dedicated public servant who wants to improve the Sheriff’s Office to ensure the safety of the residents, businesses and visitors, providing a premier law enforcement agency for the citizens of Fort Bend County.

When elected, I will immediately address the staffing issues, our lack of supervision, low morale, and continue improving our training. In order to better serve Fort Bend County as a whole, I will work toward a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship with our local law enforcement agencies.  

I began my law enforcement career in Houston in 1978 working for the Houston Airport Police, Houston City Marshal’s Office, Jersey Village Police Department and the Fort Bend County Constable’s Office (Pct.3).  In 1982, I went back home to Florida, went to work for, and was appointed as Special Agent for the Florida East Coast Railway Police Department, then leaving my law enforcement career as Chief of Police in 1992 after hurricane Andrew demolished our family home sending my family back to the great state of Texas.

Upon returning to Texas, I went to work for and became an executive for The Wackenhut Corporation, well known for security and correctional institutions in Texas. I gained an extensive background in security, investigations, jail and prison management. After Wackenhut was sold, my wife and I began our own security company that we currently own and operate today. As a former elected director for the Pecan Grove MUD, I became aware of many problems with the county contract deputy program presently offered by the sheriff’s office. My experience as an executive with a billion-dollar security company along with owning and operating my own businesses affords me the opportunity to identify mismanagement and personnel under-staffing presently at the sheriff’s office. My experience in law enforcement, security management as well as a business owner makes me Uniquely Qualified to serve as your next Sheriff. Fort Bend County has been desperately lacking a business-oriented Sheriff.

I will focus on these top three issues:

1)    On my first day of office I will immediately initiate a policy of directly dispatching the closest law enforcement agency to urgent / emergency calls.  Furthermore, I support the removal of dispatch from the Sheriff’s Office control making it a separate entity under the direction of an appointed official supported by the Sheriff’s Office.

2)    Cooperation and collaboration with all the Constable’s Offices. Design a plan with the Constables Offices to handle all additional law enforcement contracts so that the Sheriff’s Office can focus on maintaining proper county staffing levels for both patrol and the jails saving tax dollars.

3)    Immediately form a task force utilizing all Constables and neighboring law enforcement agencies to Identify and address issues such as human trafficking, sex trafficking, drugs, prostitution and gangs. 

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