KATY/FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Katy News) - The man who was shot to death in Katy, Fort Bend County earlier this week was reportedly from Australia.

Brenton Estorffe, 29, was gunned down after two men came into his back yard, apparently through an opening in a wooden fence, and then smashed the window out of a back door. 

Estorffe reportedly moved to the US in 2011 to play American football and study at South Virginia University. He then moved to the Katy area and was working for the Enterprise rental car company.

6902 Glenrosa Drive at Cansfield Way

Wooden slats of this fence were missing and it is likely how the killers got into the backyard. The window of the rear door was smashed by the killers and that allowed them to get into the house.

The murder happened at about midnight Tuesday night.  Crime scene investigators were there early Wednesday morning. 

"Someone broke a window and the homeowners heard it," said Sheriff Troy Nehls. "The father woke up and confronted two individuals at which time there were gunshots fired."

Estorffe, his wife Angeleanna and two children, ages one and three, were sleeping in the house at the time.

6902 Glenrosa Drive at Cansfield Way

The rear door was boarded up after being broker by the killers at 6902 Glenrosa Drive at Cansfield Way.

Nehls said Estorffe died protecting his family. It's not believed that he was armed and it's not believed that the intruders took anything from the house.

According to The Guardian, Erstoffe’s brother Cobin took to social media to pay tribute to his older brother. He said he was a “best mate, oldest brother, a son, a father, an uncle, a husband and a f-ing HERO”.

6902 Glenrosa Drive at Cansfield Way

The Estorffe residence was decorated for Halloween with a murder scene depicted in the front window near the front door. A real murder happened at the back door of the home. 

Detectives do not think anything was taken from the house. Nehls said it was odd that a burglary would happen at midnight when the family was home.

“Most burglaries take place during the day. It’s a little unusual for guys who are going to breaking into a house to do it at midnight."

Detectives say a car was spotted leaving the area at the time of the murder. They are attempting to find that vehicle.

Below is an interview with Sheriff Troy Nehls who spoke with us at the scene of the murder early Wednesday morning.


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