Umbria in Sugar Land Italian Film Festival Brings Award Winning Films to Fort Bend County

SUGAR LAND (Covering Fort Bend News) – Partake of all that Italy has to offer at Umbria in Sugar Land, a five-day Italian Film Festival to be held in Sugar Land Sept. 27 through Oct. 1.

Hosted by the City of Sugar Land and the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Festival del Cinema Citta di Spello ed i Borghi Umbri, the region of Umbria, and the city of Spello, the festival will feature private and public screenings of seven award-winning, sub-titled films from the 2016 international film festival in Spello, Italy and highlight the many cultural offerings of the Umbrian region of Italy including its food, wine, and art.

A panel of judges comprised of film industry professionals, festival programmers and critics will jury the films and present Umbria in Sugar Land Cinematic Awards in the categories of Best Film, Best Screen Play, Best Cinematography and Best Directing during the opening ceremony of the Festival on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

In addition to the film screenings, events will include pre-screening Aperitivos (receptions),  an Umbrian art exhibit showcasing sculpture, photography and crafted jewelry, and an educational three part seminar entitled “Framing Italian Cinema,” featuring a panel of international film experts.  Seminar topics are listed below:

Session I

“The Art of Sound Effects” – Matteo Bendinelli – sound effects editor, sound editor

Bendinelli will share his passion for technology and expose the audience to the fascinating world of audio and how sound effects are utilized to create a myriad of cinematic responses.

 Session II

“Beyond the Art of Short Film Animation” –Adrian Pacini, director

Sugar Land resident and winner of top filmmaking honors at the 2017 International Thespian Festival, Pacini  takes us on a journey in the creation of his stop-motion animation short film “Beyond” .

 Session III

“The Art of Film Making” –  Sergio Carvajal-Leoni, trans media artist

Explore the making of the celebrated Texan-Italian Film Tiramisu for Two, a comedy by Tiburon Transmedia, a Texan production firm. Learn the ins and outs of filmmaking, and how to master telling stories through film.

Sugar Land officials traveled to Spello, Italy in the fall of 2016 to meet with their Italian counterparts to bring the festival to the states to serve as a catalyst in creating an ongoing cultural, economic and educational collaborative partnership between the regions of Fort Bend County and Umbria and the cities of Sugar Land, Texas and Spello, Italy.

A full schedule of events and ticketing information may be found at


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