KATY/FORT BEND/HARRIS COUNTIES (Covering Katy News) - A 19-year-old man is accused of randomly shooting a hand gun into the air in his parents' Cinco Ranch neighborhood, along the Westpark Tollway, and outside of his Houston apartment complex. Now he faces charges in two counties and could go to prison for years.

The investigation began after a Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Deputy Constable alerted the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office that Gautham Seenivasan was posting video on Snapchat of himself firing a handgun in public areas and roadways. The deputy had been tipped off by a source that was familiar with Seenivasan's videos.

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Sean Teare, Ted Heap, Wayne Thompson

Harris County Assistant District Attorney Sean Teare, Harris County Precinct 5 Constable Ted Heap, and Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constable Wayne Thompson at a Wednesday morning news conference.

According to investigators, one of the Snapchat videos shows Seenivasan shooting his gun in the backyard of his parents house in the 27600 block on Guthrie Ridge Lane in Katy/Fort Bend County. The neighborhood is off Cinco Ranch Boulevard near Spring Green Boulevard. Court documents show that Seenivasan has the same address as his parents but investigators say has moved to an apartment complex at 7600 Burgoyne Road in Houston where investigators say he's also posted video of himself shooting randomly in the air toward other residences.

If convicted, Gautham Seenivasan faces two to ten years in prison. Investigators say he's admitted his crimes. Seenivasan also faces additional legal trouble because he was arrested while on probation for evading arrest from an unrelated case.

Harris County assistant distant district attorney Sean Teare believes the case against Seenivasan is very strong because he recorded himself in the act.

At a Wednesday morning news conference, Teare said there is a great deal of video that Seenivasan has taken of himself randomly shooting in places near residential neighborhoods. He's also said to have called the Westpark Tollway his "shooting range."

Snapchat has complied with a search warrant and turned more than 20 gigabytes of videos from Seenivasan's account. The video has been downloaded and now resides on a Precinct 5 server.

"We have a lot of evidence that we have not gone through yet," Teare said.

Some of the videos are said to show Seenivasan shooting out the driver's side window of his car, toward neighborhoods, while other vehicle are nearby. 

Seenivasan may be charged with additional counts of deadly conduct once investigators can determine the location of where the shots were fired. The shots on the Westpark Tollway are believed to have been taken near Eldridge Parkway exit ramp in Harris County. 

Teare noted that the arrest of Seenivasan was the result of great cooperation between the Harris County Precinct 5 and Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constables' Offices. 

"There are not county lines in law enforcement," he said.

Precinct 5 Constable Ted Heap and Precinct 3 Constable Wayne Thompson are both concerned about the increasing use of social media by people who are looking for attention even when it means putting lives in danger. 

"Like many things on social media, it becomes a popularity contest," Heap said. "We're going to come find you."  

"Every single one of those bullets comes down somewhere," Teare said.

"In some of these cases he was shooting directly at another house," Thompson said.

The gun used was purchased legally at a gun show according to investigators. 

See video montage below. **Language warning** 

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