HOUSTON (Covering Katy News) – The gates of the Barker Reservoir were closed Friday afternoon so additional water is still gathering on the Katy side of the dam, but so far we are safe from danger. Another three inches of rain could fall before tomorrow night and a flash flood watch continues until Saturday night.

Westheimer Parkway through George Bush Park will not start flooding until the water reaches the 93-foot mark. As of 4:41 p.m. Friday the water level was 86.30 feet.  House flooding would begin if the level reaches about 97 feet at the Barker Reservoir,  as the graphic below shows.

The Barker Reservoir watershed received significant rainfall overnight and it won’t peak for another seven days according to a forecast produced by the Army Corps of Engineers which operates the Barker and Addicks Reservoirs.

“The current US Army Corps of Engineers forecast calls for peak elevation of approximately 90 feet above sea level on May 17 which will be fully contained within the reservoir,” Mark Vogler of the Fort Bend County Flood Control District told reporters at an afternoon news confernce.

While the Barker and Addicks Reservoir are in Harris County, homes in Fort Bend back up to the Barker Reservoir and many were flooded post-Harvey. That is why emergency management and flood control leaders in Fort Bend are keeping an eye on what happens at the Barker Reservoir.


A reading taken at  4:29 p.m. Friday had the Addicks Reservoir water level at nearly 87 feet. Highway 6 would begin to flood if the reservoir reached 96 feet and house flooding would start at about 97 feet.

Releasing water from either or both reservoirs would help protect the Katy area as it would send water toward west Houston and eventually to the Houston Ship Channel.

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Katy may have ‘dodged a bullet’ but flooding could happen along the San Bernard River

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