Forensic Services Once Unavailable for Sexual Assault Survivors in Fort Bend Now Offered Due to New Nonprofit, County Partnership

HOUSTON (Covering Fort Bend News) – Texas Forensic Nurse Examiners recently launched its first clinic and mobile service in Harris County. Now, less than three months later, the nonprofit is expanding its reach to neighboring Fort Bend County.

The nonprofit, alongside Fort Bend County Judge KP George, District Attorney Brian Middleton, and community partners and law enforcement, announced the significance of the expansion.

“Comprehensive medical forensic services were inconsistent in Fort Bend.” Chief Executive Officer Dr. Khara Breeden said. “That means, on any given day, an individual who was just assaulted in Fort Bend County would need to go to a neighboring county’s facility to be seen by a forensic nurse.”

TxFNE partnered with the Fort Bend District Attorney’s Office for the initiative, providing secure evidence collection to prosecute cases. The medical forensic exam is a key component in seeking justice for victims.

TxFNE provides “comprehensive medical forensic exams with superior evidence collection by coordinating community collaboration and a victim-centered response for those affected by physical and or sexual violence, closing the gap between medical and legal management.”

“That means we meet a patient where they’re at—we’re truly mobile. We operate 13 locations within the Houston metroplex, with another 12 locations expected before the end of summer,” said Breeden

Since the Harris County launch, TxFNE treated more than 60 patients. With the awareness growing about the services, Breeden expects an increase in individuals seeking services and more agencies ready to partner.

Breeden started the TxFNE mission in late 2017, however began fully operating with the support of grant funding in early March.

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