Custom High Water Rescue Truck Delivered to Sheriff’s Office


RICHMOND (Covering Katy News) – The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office has added a new high water rescue vehicle to its fleet. The vehicle cost $96,000 and was purchased using a combination of tax dollars and seized funds. It was delivered on Friday.

“It is a refurbished military vehicle,” said Major Chad Norvell.

“We hope we never need to use this truck, but we’re proud to be prepared,” said a social media post by the Sheriff’s Office. “Lessons were learned while conducting water rescues with dump trucks and ladders.”

Here are some of the other lessons learned that helped in the custom design of this vehicle:

  1. Power was often out in flooded areas and it was very dark. Notice the LED light bars on the front and sides of the cab. The ladders and loading area are also illuminated.
  2. Ladders were slippery, difficult for many, and dangerous. It was impossible to load a wheelchair or the disabled. There are non-slip ladders on both sides along with a hydraulic lift on the rear. The lift also has tie-down points to secure wheelchairs while you lift them.
  3. There is nowhere to sit in the back of a dump truck and families were exposed to the weather. This truck has beds that are covered and benches on 3 sides. The floor is sprayed to create an anti-slip surface. The bed area is illuminated with LED lights.

“We have identified several FBCSO employees who drove this type of truck in the military so we’re ready to go.

The truck will be on display at the 4th of July event in Fulshear.

See photos below.

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