Special Needs Student being Dragged by FBISD employee

A special needs Student being dragged by and FBISD employee

FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Fort Bend News) - A short video clip of a student at Dulles High School being dragged down the hallway by the hair is going viral. The public got its first look at the video on Thursday but it's not known when it was shot.

The video was shared on the FBISD Concerns Facebook page by Kimberly Francis.

"This video was shared with me by my child, my child said this was a special needs child being drug by a teacher," Francis wrote in her Facebook post. "I have spoken to another parent who said that her child confirmed it was a special needs child and that the teacher was fired."

The Fort Bend Independent School District responded to the video by posting a statement on the district's website but that statement was not shared with the media as is done when the district has good news to announce.

"Fort Bend ISD is aware of a video that has circulated on social media showing a former FBISD staff member physically grabbing and mishandling a student," the statement said. "Administrators at Dulles High School learned of this video Thursday afternoon and took immediate action to identify the staff member involved and notify the District’s Human Resources Department."

The staff member has been fired and the district has been in communication with the victim's family.  

"Fort Bend ISD takes all concerns regarding student safety and well-being seriously, and we will always take immediate action when we learn of behaviors that are not in alignment with the high expectations that we have for our staff," the district's statement said. "Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all students and we will not tolerate unacceptable behavior.We are committed to supporting students and this single incident does not reflect the dedication and compassion demonstrated each day by the 11,000 staff members that make up our district."

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Do your hear that rumbling thunder growing louder and louder.....it’s the herd of lawyers coming to sue FBISD. Get out your check book taxpayers...this “teacher” aka moronic jackass just cost yall hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whoever hired this fool should be fired as well.

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