UPDATE Friday 7:50 p.m. Angela Smith has been charged with failure to stop and render aid which is a felony.  Bond has been set at $40,000.

FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Fort Bend News) – Angela Smith admits that she struck an 8-year-old girl with her car and kept driving late Thursday afternoon on Bissonnet Street at Hodges Bend Drive. It happened near Hodges Bend Middle School.

“She has admitted that she did strike the child,” said Lt. Ryan Skelton of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.

“She admitted that she hit somebody and she kept going, she was scared, and the reason she was scared and she didn’t stop is because she has a suspended driver’s license,” said Sheriff Troy Nehls.

Nehls said she does have a suspended license with more infractions than he could remember during a Friday afternoon news conference.

Smith, 39, voluntarily surrendered for questioning. About 18-hours after the crash she met deputies at a Houston park. Detectives used social media to aid in the investigation and they received the help they needed.

“We worked with relatives and other people. Our detectives were able to put this together very quickly,” Nehls said.

Smith was taken to the Sheriff’s Office for questioning and turned her Nissan Altima over to deputies for inspection. It had a dent in the front and a smashed windshield.  Detectives say they are sure that the damage was from striking the little girl. Although, it was also revealed that Smith had a second crash at about the same time. In that case she stopped and exchanged information with the other driver.

Smith was still being questioned at the time of Friday’s news conference.  She had not yet been charged but it was clear that she would be, once detectives were done asking their questions.

“Right now we are looking at failure to stop and render aid,” said Skelton. “That (charge) could always be upgraded depending on the condition of the child. We’re going to work with with the District Attorney’s Office and whatever charges they feel are appropriate we’ll go that route.”

“She stated that she had no alcohol in her system,” Nehls said.

The sheriff also said she seemed to have no remorse.

“According to investigators she has not asked about the status of the person that she struck,” Nehls said. “Very little sympathy and quite honestly very little remorse,” he added.

“She’s still in critical condition,” Lt. Skelton said. “When she did leave with Life Flight she did have a pulse but she was not breathing on her own.”

Skelton is a seasoned investigator but he said this case is different from the rest.

“It is one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen.  It is bad. It shows the whole incident,” Skelton said. “I have a child that is that age. That’s tough.  That could be my child. My kids play outside all the time.”

As bad as it was, Nehls says it could have been worse.

“This young girl was not crossing the street on her own. She had siblings with her, and that car just missed the other two siblings,” Nehls said.

Click the video below to see the full news conference. 

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