This story story updated to reflect that the victim claims it was a case of road rage. 

CINCO RANCH (Covering Katy News) - A 21-year old Asian man was shot in the back as he drove along South Mason Road Wednesday night. The suspect got away.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call at 6:20 p.m. and Sheriff Troy Nehls says his deputies found two bullet holes in the victim's blue Subaru. 

A man who asked not to be identified said he was pulling out of the subdivision across from Creech Elementary School on South Mason Road when the victim flagged him down.

"He said I've been shot," the the man said. "He rolled out of the car as I ran over to him. He laid down on the ground face first. I called 911," the man told Covering Katy news. 

Bullet hole in victim's car

A bullet hole can be seen in the rear driver's side door of the victim's car. 

According to one of the two men who came to the the man's aid, while talking with the 911 emergency dispatcher the victim said he did not know the person who shot him but described him as a black male. 

"He was very specific," said one man who heard the conversation between the victim and the 911 dispatcher. "A 2006 dirty blonde Toyota Corolla" was what the victim said the shooter was driving.

"There are so many homes, and the schools, they all have cameras," Nehls said. "So we'll be looking at surveillance cameras from some of these neighborhoods to see if we can find any vehicle that fits that description." 

One of the men who helped the victim said he was shot in the back about an inch from his spine. One of the men on the scene held a towel on the wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding. They also said Life Flight was unable to respond due to the stormy weather so the man was taken to a local hospital by ambulance. They thought he'd survive.  

The victim told deputies that he thought he was shot near Beck Junior High School which is a short distance from where the victim stopped his vehicle and asked for help.

Katy Independent School District Police Chief Robert Jinks, who came to the scene, told Covering Katy that there was a volleyball game going on at Beck so the building was put on lockdown for about 15 minutes. Deputies quickly determined that there was no danger to people inside the school and the lockdown was lifted. 

Investigators from the Sheriff's Office had crime scene tape up for a period of time as they searched in front of the school and near the pool across the street. They were looking for shell casings but Sheriff Nehls said none were found.

The section of South Mason Road between South Fry and the Ballard House was shut down for a part of the evening as deputies used flashlights searching for spent shell casings. While Covering Katy was on the scene no shell casings had been found but the search was ongoing. 

"We'll have a conversation with the victim and ask why would someone shoot into your vehicle," Sheriff Nehls said. "I'm kind of curious why that took place," Nehls added. 

A short time after Nehls made that statement the Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook that the victim claims it was a road rage incident.

"Victim is alive and talking to Investigators. He has stated this was a road rage incident," was the post by the Sheriff's Office at 8 p.m. on Sept. 18, 2019. 

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