Missouri City Launches #PlayItForward Initiative to Enhance Greenspaces

MISSOURI CITY (Covering Fort Bend News) – Missouri City’s City Manager Anthony J. Snipes, in collaboration with the Parks & Recreation Department, is rolling out a new Missouri City initiative—#PlayItForward—that is being put in place to not only celebrate the outdoors, but to also build the future of outdoor life.

This initiative follows the City Council-approved Strategic Plan 2014-2019-2029 by accomplishing three objectives:

  • Expand the leisure opportunities – such as programs, activities, and venues – within Missouri City
  • Expand opportunities to live a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Maintain and upgrade city infrastructure such as parks, streets, and sidewalks

“The meaning behind #PlayItForward focuses on giving back to the community and this campaign will allow Missouri City to partner with our regional neighborhoods and individuals, giving them opportunities to sponsor city greenspace projects, thereby helping to reduce the burden on the budget and to enhance our local playscapes,” Snipes said. “And, with July being ‘National Park and Recreation Month,’ this is a great time to announce the program and engage our residents, businesses, visitors and stakeholders in the initiative.”

More than 20 parks and 14+ miles of trails wind through Missouri City communities, providing an infinite amount of ways to enjoy the outdoors, and #PlayItForward will help to showcase these amenities.

Companies and neighborhoods that join this citywide operation will work closely with the Parks & Recreation Department to ensure specified projects come to fruition and that they showcase commercial partnerships with the city.

“We will emphasize to business owners and neighborhoods that when you #PlayItForward, you further cement your legacy in Missouri City,” said Parks & Recreation Director Jason Mangum. “And that whenever somebody visits the greenspace your organization sponsored, they will know that they are enjoying the space because of your generosity.”

Companies will provide input in any initiative they sponsor, making the possibilities endless, Snipes explained, adding: “we are thrilled to work with the community to make this campaign a success. Together, we will continue to raise the quality of life in Missouri City.”

As part of the city’s commitment to parks’ initiatives, M2L Associates Inc. was engaged to perform a “Park Facilities Assessment Management Plan” to develop a program to schedule repairs or replace old or worn assets and provide estimated costs for such recommendations. The intended use is as a guideline to improve current deficient conditions as well as to aid in determining maintenance and capital park budgets; read the overview and learn more about the detailed analysis of conditions of existing assets in some MCTX Parks via this website link: http://bit.ly/2ZmLy8s.

For more information on the #PlayItForward campaign, visit www.mctxparks.com or email Mangum at jason.mangum@missouricitytx.gov.


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