KATY (Covering Katy News) – A new park is under construction in Katy at the intersection of Westheimer Parkway and Falcon Landing Boulevard across from the Walmart Neighborhood Market and Rylander Elementary School.

It will be built in stages and will take three years to complete, according to John Bastawrous, vice president of Municipal Utility District 124, which is funding the project.

Bastawrous says that when the park is completed there will be exercise equipment, shade structures, a pavilion for picnics, and play equipment for kids.

“We are even looking at getting a stationary bike that charges your phone as you are riding it,” Bastawrous told Covering Katy.

The park will have a pond with a floating pier and people will be able to fish there too.

“We will stock the pond,” Bastawrous said.

Construction crews have been digging the hole for the pond in recent days.

There will also be a path for joggers and a path that connects to the Parkway Oaks subdivision. Parkway Oaks homeowners have pledged to pay for a portion of the pathway that will be used by their children as a safer passageway to school.

The property was originally designed for commercial use, but neighbors in the Falcon Ranch subdivision would rather have a park in that spot. The design includes paths for safer passage to school for kids who walk to Rylander Elementary, Cinco Junior, and Cinco Ranch High Schools.

The plan includes plans for what is known as a “HAWK signal” to be installed near the intersection of Falcon Landing Boulevard and Falcon Lair Lane. The signal will stop traffic when pedestrians need to cross the busy intersection that does not have a traffic signal. The Hawk signal will allow students who are traveling to and from Cinco Ranch Junior and Cinco Ranch High schools to have a safer pathway to and from school.




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