KATY/FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – The Willow Fork Drainage District’s leadership recently celebrated the latest addition to Willow Fork Park, a butterfly garden.

The board of directors of the Willow Fork Drainage District cut the ribbon on Saturday, June 22 at the highly visable park behind Cinco Ranch High School. Willow Fork Park, located at the northwest corner of TX-99/Grand Parkway and Cinco Ranch.

A butterfly was released into the park, moments after the ribbon was cut.

Texas Master Naturalist Diane Russell talked about the many benefits of butterfly gardens. She also spoke about creating your own backyard butterfly garden, the benefit of butterflies as pollinators and the role they play in increasing biodiversity. Russel also discussed plant species within the garden, and the Friends of Willow Fork Park provided handouts on designing your own butterfly garden. 

The 55 by 55-foot butterfly garden also features more than 60 plants of 25 different species and six different native prairie grasses. 

The butterfly garden is one of several projects and programs being planned by Friends of Willow Fork Park which is operated by the Willow Fork Drainage District.

The Willow Fork Drainage District board of Directors are:

Richard Ward – President

Dan Smith – Vice President

Wendy Duncan – Assistant Vice President

John Poulter – Secretary

Joe Robinson – Assistant Secretary and Investment Officer

See additional photos below:

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