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ROSENBERG (Covering Fort Bend News) - The end of July marked a milestone for Rosenberg Animal Control & Shelter, whose Live Release Rate stood above 90 percent for six consecutive months. This pattern moves the City of Rosenberg closer to a No Kill status.

July was also a special time for the shelter when considering adoptions. In total, 70 animals were placed in homes, which is the shelter's highest ever monthly adoption record.

"A comprehensive adoption program is one of many elements of The No Kill Equation," said Mara Hartsell, director of Rosenberg Animal Control & Shelter. "A number of other programs are still in their infancy, but our team is committed to developing, and continuously refining, each one. I'm proud of our progress over the past six months, but we have more work to do to reach our full potential."

Among those life-saving programs are volunteers, public relations, and medical/behavioral interventions.

"Since the beginning of this year, we've had nearly 100 additional volunteers apply, increased our presence in both online and real world communities, run successful donation campaigns for sick and injured residents, and implemented new enrichment features like playgroup that cost nothing and even save time and other resources in the long term," she said.

Clear definitions and transparency in reporting are also important.

"I believe the No Kill Advocacy Center's 'noses in, noses out' formula is the best a shelter can use, and it's the one we commit to. It's simple and without spin. It accounts for every euthanasia, every death under care, and every escape," said Hartsell. "It provides an easy way to examine weak or missing safety nets and invites the public to start a dialogue with us about those vulnerabilities. That leads to progress."

When challenges come, Rosenberg Animal Control & Shelter maintains their confidence thanks to strong internal morale and outside community support.

"Others may not realize we're a team of just five staff members,” said Hartsell. “Renee, Tracy, Morgan, and Samantha all push themselves and embrace the creative problem solving necessary in this environment. People are vested in our mission, so they never hesitate to donate their time, items, or money to become involved in our life saving efforts. We're a small shelter with big dreams, but we're making them happen by working together."

“City staff and volunteers are focused on achieving their goals and have done an amazing job increasing the number of adoptions from just a handful to literally dozens,” said Rosenberg Police Chief Jonathan White “We’re extremely proud of the work that is happening over there.”

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