KATY (Covering Katy News) – Bar Louie is the most tucked away restaurant and watering hole at La Centerra and it has the best patio. While most people take a left at World of Beer and keep driving toward the exit, those in the know take a right and settle in at the only restaurant at LaCenterra that has a parking garage above its roof. It also has a private dining room.

“It’s a private dining room for graduation parties, wedding rehearsals, and business meetings,” said Bar Louie’s director of operations Brian Dolan. “We have a 75-inch flat screen TV for powerpoint presentations or photo displays,” he added. “The room can be opened to the outside on a nice day or night.  It’s also slightly elevated, so you can see the whole restaurant from the private room that sits behind a glass wall.

Dolan says everyone simply calls him by his last name, so if you want to book the private dining room, simply ask for Dolan.

“My staff won’t know who you’re talking about if you ask for Brian,” he said with a laugh.

Increasing the size of the staff has been one of Dolan’s primary jobs since he recently began managing the Katy Bar Louie location.

“In order to provide an exceptional experience, it was paramount to hire more staff and select people who are passionate about service,” Dolan said.


He says his crew loves their jobs.

“They’re smiling when they get in the car to come to work,” he said.

Bar Louie’s patio has 40 tables that are open to everyone, rain or shine.

“It’s open and it’s covered,” Dolan said.

Bar Louie is at the back of LaCenterra between the Alamo Cinema and the Grand Apartments. “When you get to World of Beer, turn right,” Dolan said.

“Break away from the normal routine. Don’t follow the car in front of you. Take a right and come down to Bar Louie,” Dolan said.

Bar Louie is part of the Gastrobar revolution. The menu has a wide variety of great food. Click for menu.

“We have great food, great beer, signature cocktails and happy hour from 4 to 7 p.m.,” Dolan said. “During happy hour many cocktails are only $5.50,” he added.

Their website describes it this way; “You can seat yourself and be yourself. You’ll never have to endure annoying blinking, vibrating pagers, snooty waiters or ultra hip menus. We proudly serve mouthwatering, chef-inspired grub, craft cocktails and local beers that will rock your taste buds. All in a free-spirited space devoid of boredom ad silly rules.”

And parking is never a problem at Bar Louie’s Katy location.

“We have two parking garages within 100 feet of our front door. One is directly above us and the other is next to Trader Joe’s,” Dolan said.

You simply have to go all the way to the back of LaCenterra to find what is the most private gem at LaCenterra.

This article is courtesy of Bar Louie.


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