HaiDiLao Hotpot

HaiDiLao Hotpot will be located in a building that is currently under construction at Katy Grand.

KATY (Covering Katy News) – HaiDiLao, a world-renowned hot pot restaurant, has selected Katy Grand for its first location in Texas and sixth in the United States. The Chinese restaurant chain's accolades are many, including being dubbed the "Ferrari of hot pot restaurants" by famed Los Angeles Times' food critic Jonathan Gold.

HaiDiLao has leased a 6,295-square foot location at Katy Grand located at the junction of the Katy Freeway and Highway 99. It is adjacent to the University of Houston's new 46-acre campus near the 19-screen Cinemark theater. 

"HaiDiLao and the soon-to-open Michelin-rated Tim Ho Wan will solidify Katy Grand's reputation as a foodie destination in Houston and statewide," says Heather Nguyen, development partner of Houston-based NewQuest Properties. "We are strongly committed to attracting the 'best of the best' global cuisines for Katy Grand."

The China-based chain owns nearly 600 restaurants worldwide, four of which are located in California and New York. Seattle is poised to open in the near future. The Katy Grand restaurant tentatively is scheduled to come on line in early 2021.

HaiDiLao Hotpot will be in a building that's currently under construction in Katy Grand's phase II. 

HaiDiLao's specialty fare is Szechuan hot pot, which is cooked at diners' tables. Dancing noodles, prepared by servers, are part of the family-friendly experience, as are other dining attractions designed to enhance the visit and offset wait times. Many of the chain's overseas restaurants feature robot servers.

"HaiDiLao is private about its plans," Nguyen says, "so we're not sure what niche features will be introduced in Katy. We do know it will be upscale, authentic and a new culinary adventure for our project."

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