Shoukat  Dhanani

Shoukat Dhanani

FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Katy News) - Fort Bend County Judge KP George and the Commissioners Court appointed businessman Shoukat Dhanani as a Director of the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority and the Fort Bend Grand Parkway Toll Road Authority.

As CEO of the Dhanani Group, the third largest operator of restaurant franchises in the U.S., he oversees and manages businesses totaling revenues greater than $2 billion dollars.

Dhanani also has experience in development, commercial growth, and customer service.

“Mobility is a major quality of life issue in Fort Bend County. I’m proud to appoint one of the most qualified individuals in America to serve as a Director for the Fort Bend County and Fort Bend Grand Parkway Toll Road Authorities," said County Judge KP George.

Shoukat Dhanani will bring the data driven, laser focused approach to solving our region’s top mobility issues that he used to grow his business enterprise from one gas station to more than 1,100 successful businesses,” said Judge KP George. “As a business leader and philanthropist in our community, Mr. Dhanani is uniquely poised to lead the Toll Road System in 2020 and beyond.”

Commissioners Court created the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority in 1996, and the Fort Bend Grand Parkway Toll Road Authority followed in 2010. These boards are tasked with managing the development and operation of their respective toll roads, which last year had combined revenues that topped $104.20 million and over 135 million individual transactions. The Fort Bend County Toll Road focuses on meeting the mobility needs of a burgeoning population, while minimizing administration and overhead costs. To this day the system employs no staff members, has no physical offices, vehicles, or unfunded liabilities.

“I’ve spent my life managing large budgets to ensure effective, engaging, and efficient services for millions of customers throughout the world. I look forward to working with all partners to improve the mobility future of Fort Bend County, so that traffic doesn’t get in the way of the needs of the businesses and communities that make Fort Bend the place everyone loves to live in,” said Shoukat Dhanani.

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