Katy ISD Election: Duke Keller breezes past Fox and Dolan

Donald Duke Keller (L) with Lance Redmon

KATY (Covering Katy News) – The Katy Independent School District will soon have two new members on its school board. Donald “Duke” Keller easily defeated Rebecca Fox and Sean Dolan in Saturday’s election with 48% of the vote. Lance Redmon, who ran unopposed, was also elected.

Fox is currently the longest-serving board member. She was elected in 2004, but with tonight’s loss, her tenure will come to an end later this month.

Dolan performed far worse than previous anti-establishment candidates after a campaign that was marred by mistakes and embarrassing videos of him arguing and cursing police officers. On the eve of the election, Dolan may have further harmed his chances by promoting and then posting a video reminding voters that he was primarily responsible for forcing former superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt to resign. Dr. Hindt remains very popular in Katy and some political observers believe Dolan made a big mistake reminding voters of his role in Hindt’s resignation. Hindt said he resigned because of social media harassment of his wife and daughter by Dolan supporters.

“Sean Dolan ran a miserable campaign, and he’s run a mean-spirited movement,” said outgoing board member George Scott. “The community took care of Dolan by voting in record numbers and sending him a message that they’ve had enough of his temper tantrums and they want him to go away,” Scott added.

Covering Katy asked Dolan for a comment and he said he’d put a quote on Facebook. At the time this article was published Dolan had not posted a comment about his loss. We also asked Fox to provide a statement but have not yet heard from her.

Lance Redmon was unopposed and earned the most votes of all the candidates and he will join Keller on the board later this month.

See the final numbers below.

Position 1 Candidates:

Sean M. Dolan

Final Voting Total: 1,062 – 13% of the vote

Rebecca Fox
Final Voting Total: 3,320 – 39% of the vote

Donald T. (“Duke”) Keller, Jr.
Final Voting Total: 4,093 – 48% of the vote

Position 2 Candidate:
Lance Eugene Redmon
Final Voting Total: 7,563 – 100% of the vote


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