KATY/HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – A mid-afternoon fight at the Morton Creek Ranch neighborhood pool led to gunfire and a house being struck by a bullet on Thursday afternoon.

“Deputies investigated a group of juveniles fighting. Someone discharged a handgun and (the bullet) struck a residence,” Tebben Lewis of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office told Covering Katy News.

Also near the location of the shooting is a children’s park and splash pad complete with swings, picnic tables.

The Morton Creek Ranch subdivision is off Morton Road, a short distance west of Highway 99.

“The lifeguard came here and ran through my yard,” said Sam Sherdo who lives across the street on Oriole Sky Way. “He ran for his life,” Sherdo added.

“It was nerve-wracking,” said neighbor Kenny Hung who heard the gunshots. He was surprised to learn that he’d heard gunfire.

“It was loud, but not as loud as I expected,” he said. “It was really confusing,” he added.

A young man who appears to be the pool’s lifeguard ran to Sherdo’s house but could go no further.  He was captured on video surveillance along the side of Sherdo’s garage and in the driveway. The young man quickly took off his shirt which had the word lifeguard printed on the back. He then quickly walked bare-chested away from the scene.  It appeared that he may have taken his shirt off so that the shooter would not recognize him.  The time stamp on the video shows that it happened at 2:40 p.m.

Sherdo said law enforcement responded and inspected his house and two other homes to see if there were any bullet holes. None were found at his home. He said the three houses were inspected by Deputies.

He saw two people who were detained but Lewis said no one has been arrested.

Behind the pool is a park for children and a parking lot. Sherdo says there are always problems in the parking lot at night.

“Every night the young kids are smoking pot and screaming,” he said. “Three years ago it was not like that.”

“It’s still an open investigation,” Lewis told Covering Katy News.

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