KATY, FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Katy News) - When the Willow Fork of Buffalo Bayou, inside the Barker Reservoir, flooded during Hurricane Harvey, numerous Cinco Ranch area neighborhoods were wiped out.

The Canyon Gate subdivision and nearby Creech Elementary school became infamous for the destruction that happened in that portion of unincorporated Katy, but they were not the only victims of record flooding.

Since that time crews have been working to make the Willow Fork carry more flood water by removing the silt that had built up over the years in the channel that feeds Barker Reservoir. 

"Today marked the official completion of the project," said Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Commissioner Andy Meyers. "Our entire community is grateful to the hard work and the men and women who have spent these last months removing 278,000 cubic yards of silt and debris from the Willow Fork of Buffalo Bayou inside the Barker Reservoir."

On Thursday, staff from the office of Commissioner Meyers and the Fort Bend County Drainage District employees were joined by resources manager Richard Long from the US Army Corps Of Engineers Galveston District, and others who worked to complete the project.

"Final inspections of the bayou demonstrate the restored capacity and the return to the designed channel depth, slopes, and flow," Meyers said. "Hydromulch banks are in place and the concrete aprons have been cleaned from siltation."

There is still desilting that needs to be done inside the Barker Reservoir.

"The remaining work inside the reservoir is to desilt the southern diversion channel - a process which has begun today," Meyers said.

The desilting operation has been very rough on Cinco Park Road where heavy trucks have been traveling for months as they remove the silt.

"Fort Bend County Road and Bridge crews are "queued up to repairs to curbs, sidewalks, trails, and the road surface on Cinco Park Road," Myers said. He also thanked residents who live in the neighborhoods off South Mason Road who have lived with the construction traffic for months.

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