Durran Dowdle

Durran Dowdle

CITY OF KATY (Covering Katy News) - Katy City Council Member-at-Large Chris Harris, Ward A Council Member Janet Corte, and Ward B Council Member Durran Dowdle are all up for re-election this spring. Harris and Corte were both elected to their first terms in office in 2018. Both said Monday they will file for re-election.

Dowdle, asked before Monday’s city council meeting about his plans, said he had picked up a candidate packet from the city secretary’s office but had not completed it.

“I’m going to have fun,” he said, smiling.

Dowdle’s situation, at first glance, is different. When he was first elected in 2014, the Katy City Charter provided that a mayor or council member could serve up to three consecutive two-year terms. In Dowdle’s case, he will have done this by the May 2 election. Under those circumstances, he could not seek reelection under term limits.

But in 2017, Katy voters amended the charter so that a mayor or council member, instead of possibly serving three two-year terms, would be able to serve two three-year terms before stepping down. City Attorney Art Pertile III said Monday that because the law affecting council members became effective January 1, Dowdle was therefore eligible to stand for election this spring, regardless of his incumbency.

Towards the end of the meeting, Dowdle said he would pursue a position on council but he had not decided which one to seek. Dowdle’s eligible to run for either his present Ward B seat, or the at-large seat Harris holds.

“I thank everyone for their support in the past,” Dowdle said.

Regardless of Dowdle’s plans, former Council Member-at-Large Steve Pierson said Monday he plans to run for the Ward B seat. Pierson served as a Ward B council member from 2001-2007 before stepping down due to term limits. He served in the at-large role from 2012-2018, again stepping down to term limits. Pierson attempted a comeback last year for his old seat, but lost to Jenifer Jordan Stockdick in last May’s election.

The law affecting the mayor’s term of office became effective last January. Bill Hastings, who was elected mayor last May, is the first mayor elected to a three-year term.

Wednesday is the first day candidates can file for election. Deadline for filing is Friday, February 14. Candidates must complete the appropriate paperwork and file them at the city secretary’s office.

Election Day is May 2.

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