Hope for Three Police Traffic Stops and Positive Driver Outcomes program

Officers of the Missour City Police Department pose with participants of the inaugural Hope For Three Police Police Traffic Stops and Positive Driver Outcomes program. Pictured left to right are Officer Lex Paxton, Officer Ellis Williams, III, Marisol Amezaga, Jacob Martin and Justin Moehn. Back Row: Conor Garczynski, Christian Courtney, Matthew Cuddus , Marshall Jones and Officer Warren Simon. Kneeling: Officer Cinttia Argueta. Police Traffic Stops and Positive Driver Outcomes is designed for teens and young adults with autism, who are currenty driving and/or becoming of age to drive.

MISSOURI CITY (Covering Katy News) - Hope For Three Autism Advocates, in partnership with the Missouri City Police Department, recently held its newest training program, Police Traffic Stops and Positive Driver Outcomes. Several teens and young adults attended the training to receive additional hands-on strategies to assist on the roadways.

The Missouri City Police Department was the site location for the inaugural program sponsored by Union Pacific.

During the training, officers shared various methods and role played situations such as interactive police traffic stops, safety on the roadways, what to do when encountering an accident and engaging with other drivers.

“I highly recommend this free course for all teens coming of age to drive, said Mary Courtney, mother of a student named Christian, who participated in the training. "It was very beneficial for my child to participate so he can become familiar with the city’s traffic laws, while feeling supported by law enforcement.”

Hope For Three initiated Police Traffic Stops and Positive Driver Outcomes to help prepare and equip citizens on the autism spectrum and emergency responders to effectively respond to driving incidents and emergencies. Organizers, including law enforcement agree that the program is needed in the community.

“The training coordinator inquired about making the driver’s program required training and presenting it to TCOLE,”said Officer Ellis Williams, MCPD Community Resource Unit and program trainer. “Suffice to say, he loves the program.”

Hope For Three plans to have this program implemented in all law enforcement agencies in Fort Bend County and the surrounding area.

For more information on Police Traffic Stops and Positive Driver Outcomes and other programs provided by Hope For Three, visit www.hopeforthree.org.

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