Dennis Gibson

Dennis Gibson, Nov. 2015.

RICHMOND (Covering Katy News) - Dennis Patrick Gibson, 82, has pleaded guilty to murdering his wife's lover and now the sentencing phase of his trial is underway in Fort Bend County. The killing happened in Nov. 2015 on Tokatee Court in Katy's Falcon Point neighborhood.

Gibson's wife Jacqueline admitted in court that she was having an affair with family friend Vernon Berger, 66. Dennis Gibson discovered what was happening, and confronted his wife, but the affair did not stop and was carried out in plain sight.

As the rage grew inside of him, Berger showed up at the Gibson's house to pick up Gibson's wife for a weekend getaway to a casino. Gibson shot them both. Berger died but Gibson's wife survived two gunshot wounds, one to the back of the head.

The shootings happened while the Gibson's grandchildren, a 4-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy, were in the house. The couple was charged with the care of their grandchildren.


Gibson's guilty plea was no surprise. Shortly after the shootings Gibson participated in TV interviews where he angrily admitted pulling the trigger. His rage was still apparent when he made the televised admissions.

Gibson's wife has testified. A video of him sitting in the back of a patrol car following the shooting was also damaging evidence against the elderly killer. It depicts an angry man, showing no remorse and lots of anger toward his wife and her lover. 








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