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ROSENBERG (Covering Katy News) - American Pets Alive!, a nonprofit rescue organization, has recognized Fort Bend County Animal Services for saving the lives of cats. The local shelter is one of ten that have been recognized for work that was performed in 2019.

The shelter was nominated for its successful Trap Neuter Return and Shelter Neuter Return programs, which have allowed Fort Bend County to save 1,703 cats.

In 2018, Fort Bend County Commissioners Court approved changes to the Animal Control Ordinance, recognizing the practice of trapping, neutering/spaying, vaccinating and returning community cats that do not have owners.

"Following the change, Fort Bend County Animal Services launched a Community Cat TNR/SNR Pilot Program that proved to be successful," said a press release from Fort Bend County.

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Rene Vasquez and the whole team at Fort Bend County Animal Services. This team is a hardworking, dedicated team working hard to save as many animals as they can while also providing a good quality of life for the animals there. In 2018 they created TNR/SNR and amazingly so many cats were saved that previously would not have been. Rene encourages thinking outside of the box and I enjoy working with this team!” said Faith Wright, Shelter Management Advisor from American Pets Alive!

The nonprofit pet rescue organization said the 10 selected shelters have embraced changes in a variety of ways and are becoming lifesaving leaders in their communities. 

“This acknowledgment validates to a great extent that what we are doing in animal services is on target. Fort Bend County continues to move forward and adopt best practices, ensuring we will remain one of the top animal shelter programs in the nation,” said Dr. Mary desVignes-Kendrick, Director of Fort Bend County Health & Human Services.

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