KATY, HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) - The man who was shot to death at a convenience store on Greenhouse Road at Keith Harrow Boulevard on Oct. 24 has been identified as Brandon Savoie. Savoie, 19, was also allegedly involved in a drive-by shooting that injured a 7-year-old in the Katy area on Dec. 8 of last year. 

In the 2018 case, detectives say Savoie's car was being driven by Omarion Philip Bailey. Detectives say Bailey opened fire on a Cadillac Escalade at the corner of Fort Stanton Drive and Grey Hawk Lane in the Sundown subdivision near North Fry Road and Saums Road in the Katy area.

A 7-year-old was hit by gunfire in the upper back. He survived the shooting after being taken to the hospital. Detectives say Savoie was riding with Bailey when the shots were fired and that Savoie tried to cover up the crime.

According to court records, witnesses say that after the shooting Savoie tried to hide his vehicle and that he removed vehicle identification numbers (VIN) from two locations on the car. Savoie was charged with tampering/fabricating physical evidence, a felony. That case was still moving its way through the court system at the time of Savoie's death.

When Savoie was shot to death last month. A deputy said it was the result of a gun battle between people in two different vehicles.

"Occupants of a dark colored pickup truck and a white car discharged firearms at each other," said the Harris County Sheriff's Office report. "Both vehicles fled the scene. A short time later the occupants of the white vehicle arrived at Memorial Hermann West Hospital."

Inside that white vehicle was Savoie, who died from his wounds.

The investigation is ongoing. There has been no arrest in connection with the murder of Savoie.

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