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NORTHWEST HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) - Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal was shot to death while on a traffic stop Friday afternoon. It happened at 14807 Willancy Court at West Road near Charles W. Austin Park and not far from Highway 6.

"I’m sad to share with you that we’ve lost one of our own. Our deputy was unable to overcome his injuries. There are no words to convey our sadness," said Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal

Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal was murdered during a traffic stop on Friday, Sept. 27, 2019.

Dash camera video shows Dhaliwal speaking with the driver that he pulled over and it appeared to be conversational with "no combat, no arguing," according to Major Mike Lee. 

According to Lee, as Dhaliwal walked back to his patrol car, the suspect exits his vehicle and ran toward Dhaliwal with his gun already drawn. 

According to Lee, the dash camera captured the driver shooting Dhaliwal in the back of the head. 

Sheriff Gonzalez said Dhaliwal was the first member of the Sikh community to become a deputy sheriff's in Harris County. He recently returned from a volunteer mission in Puerto Rico, and was active in helping county residents recover from Harvey.

In the video below, Dhaliwal is seen with a tractor trailer truck of items for Harvey victims. He was instrumental in organizing the shipment from California. 

On this video, you can see him thanking United Sikhs for their donations.

A man has been arrested but not yet identified. A woman who was in the car with him has also been detained. 


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Pancho Villa

Kim Ogg should bring justice asap on this case. Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal RIP.

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