FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Katy News) - There will be a runoff election between Elizabeth Markowitz and Gary Gates to determine the winner of the House District 28 seat. With all the votes counted, Markowitz received 39% of the vote (11,335 votes) and Gates received 28% of the vote (8,271 votes) on Tuesday.

The next closest candidate was Tricia Krenek, who had 18% of the vote (5,272 votes). Anna Allred had 9% of the vote (2,705 votes). The rest of the candidates had very low single digit percentage performances.

The winning candidate needs 50% of the vote plus one. Because that did not happen there will be a runoff between the two top candidates.

Markowitz had the most votes and she was the only Democrat in the race. The Republicans had seven candidates splitting their vote. So, even though Markowitz came in first on Tuesday, Republicans think they can win the runoff when Gates is not in a race where there are seven GOP candidates splitting the vote.

The winner will serve the remaining term of former HD 28 Rep. John Zerwas, a Republican, who stepped down to become an executive vice chancellor with the University of Texas System.

The State of Texas has not yet set the date of the runoff election.

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Pancho Villa

Considering Republicans did not do anything during the last few floods and Texas has sank to 34th place in education, is it even a consideration to elect someone like Gates who has handcuffed his own children (google it) and does not even believe in science? No! Eliz is an educated and knowledgeable person.

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