Dr. Steven Hotze

Dr. Steven Hotze

HOUSTON (Covering Katy News) - Steven Hotze, M.D. is suing Democratic Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo for requiring that everyone in Harris County, 10 and older, wear a mask in public or face a potential $1,000 fine. Hidalgo hopes her mask order will slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Dr. Hotze is the Chief Executive Officer of Conservative Republicans of Texas.

Hidalgo’s order was issued Wednesday, April 22, and takes effect on Monday. Unless overturned by a judge or extended by Hidalgo, it will last for 30 days. Hidalgo's order allows for scarves, bandanas, handkerchiefs and homemade masks.

Authentic medical masks have been exceptionally difficult to buy. Those that are available have been going first to medical workers on the frontlines fighting coronavirus.

This is the second time Hotze has sued Hidalgo. He's also filed suit to stop her stay-at-home directive. He claims it violates a provision of the Constitution that gives the Legislature “exclusive authority to define crimes and to designate the punishments for those crimes.”

Hotze's suit filed on Thursday say Hidalgo can't issue more restrictive orders than Gov. Greg Abbott who has not mandated masks in public.

"Enough is enough," Hotze said in a letter to supporters. "It is time to unmask socialism.... We, the people, need to be bold and courageous, and stand up for our God given, unalienable constitutional rights," Hotze wrote.

Fort Bend County Judge KP George has issued an order "strongly recommending" masks but he stopped short of ordering people to wear them.  

Click for more on George's receommendation that was issued on Thursday.

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(1) comment

Pancho Villa

We have an evil troll as the arrested alleged drunk who was exhonerated after the RepugbliKKKlan DA at the time told the cop not to show up for trial, does NOT care about the health of the citizens. Hotze and Woodfill are a couple of buffoons at best.

Seasonal flu kills 37,000 Americans per year, many of them elderly or stubborn people who refuse medical care, develop pneumonia and by the time they get to the hospital it is too late. My wife’s dad was one stubborn man and died because he was too proud to ask for medical help.

Coronavirus has killed 42303 in 2.5 months! I would like to know where are you getting your information.


The CDC statistics show the % death due to pneumonia, influenza or Covid-19 off the chart. See last graph of this website.


Death rate of covid-19 is off the charts.


From this website data as of April 20, 2020 you can see Covid-19 is brutally more deadly than influenza. Just in less than 3 months 15,251 people died of covid-19 and only 5313 died of the influenza even when covid-19 deaths started at the end of February. Covid is 53.6 times more deadly. If it is as common as the common flu, and all Americans get it, over 45 million Americans would die in less than 2 years. So NO, it is not like the common flu. It is a totally different disease. Numbers do not lie.



Hotze and Woodfill are a couple of idiots getting their information from Faux Noose?

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