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We’ve recently made major changes to our website in an effort to make it better. One of those changes will result in you eventually getting a message that your subscription is no longer active. The reason is simple, we're using a new credit card processing company and all subscribers will have to re-enter their credit card information when their current subscription expires.

If you are a monthly subscriber it will need to be done soon. If you are an annual subscriber it will be done later this year or early next year. Just wait until you get the notice. There is no need to update sooner. 

The first step is readers will have to register to read our content. You can do that at any time. You can do that by clicking the "Sign Up" tab at the top right side of the home page or by clicking here.  Then, when your subscription runs out you'll get a notice and you'll have to re-enter your credit card information.

If you’ve never subscribed and want to do so, just click SUBSCRIBE. A subscription gives you access to all of our content and all of our archives. 

We appreciate your patience through this process.

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When I initially subscribed I was given the option to subscribe yearly. When time for renewal rolled around, I was only offered the monthly option. Do you no longer offer the yearly choice? That is my preference. Thanks.

Yes. There is a annual option available. Click subscriptions, then click purchase online subscriptions and its one of the options in the dropdown menu. 

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Does a subscription to Covering Katy also include Covering Fort Bend?

Yes it does include Covering Fort Bend.

(Edited by staff.)

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