Jungle Cruise movie

KATY (Covering Katy News) - Finding fun things to do with your kids during a quarantine can be challenging, so one Katy family decided to turn their backyard pool into a movie set and produce a short motion picture called "Jungle Cruse - Quarantine Style."

"The first few weeks of the stay-at-home order were super stressful because there was this unknown virus out there and so many things we couldn’t do,” Linsey Stuckey said. She needed to find things to occupy her children, 13-year-old Hayley, 11-year-old Colin, 8-year-old Sydney and 5-year-old Keaton.

COVID quarantine options

"I decided to redirect our focus to all the things we could do. We had so much more time to spend as a family and I wanted to do something memorable. We love Disney and have made it a priority to take a Disney trip each year, whether it’s the parks or a Disney Cruise. This year we decided to bring Disney to us."

First a script had to be written.

"I spent several hours writing the script, but that was spread over the course of a week," she said. "We have four kids at home, so finding a quiet place to write was pretty challenging."

Whenever Linsey thought of an idea she'd write it down.

"Pretty soon we had a working script," she said. "It was pretty fun to put together. I adopted a lot of the script from the most famous portions of the Disney Jungle Cruise ride," she said.

The family enjoyed adding their own spin on things, of course. The movie was shot over a five day period in early May.

"I naively assumed we could film everything in one evening. Boy, was I wrong," she said. 

Linsey says she has a new appreciation for cinematography. She said it was "super tricky" to film under various weather conditions.

"So many things went wrong that were just comical. Elephants kept falling into the pool more times than I can count. Six foot house plants would blow into the water every chance they got. The fog from the fog machine kept blowing every which direction, and the crocodile and hippo had a mind of their own," Linsey said.

The kids did the acting, and Linsey and her husband Clint handled shooting the video and working with the props. She called it "pure chaos."

Video technical duties took hours

The video was crisp. Everything was shot on an iPhone with a gimbal to keep the video steady.

Clint handled editing the video, and that process took about 10 hours.

"He’s self-taught and does video editing as a hobby. He’s pretty amazing," Linsey said.

Best of all, they created memories that will become part of how they got through the great pandemic of 2020.

"Once we started editing, the magic came together for everyone. Our pool no longer looked like a swimming pool. It looked like the Jungle Cruise. I think the kids were amazed by what they had created," Linsey said.

See the movie below.




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