Morton Creek Ranch Shooting Video Surfaces

KATY/HARRIS COUNTY – The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is now in possession of a video that shows the moments leading up to shots being fired at or near the Morton Creek Ranch subdivision pool on Thursday afternoon. The video is not clear and it’s very shaky, but it does depict what happened.

The video shows a crowd of young men gathered in the park next to the pool and then multiple gunshots can be heard. It’s not clear exactly where the shooter was, at the pool or in the adjacent park, but the Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that one house was struck by a bullet. There were no known injuries from the gunfire.

The gunfire happened in an unincorporated area of Katy so the incident is being investigated by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office which also investigates crimes in a county that is one of the largest in the United States. The sheriff’s office tells Covering Katy that this case is still under investigation and there have been no arrests.

While the Katy area is larger than Pittsburgh in terms of population, most people with a Katy address live in unincorporated areas which means they don’t have a police force devoted to simply to investigating crimes in neighborhoods with a Katy address. Only people who live in the City of Katy, also known by many as Old Katy, have their own dedicated police department.

According to the City of Katy website, it’s population in 2016 was approximately 17,000 people. The Katy area has about 300,000 people.

See our original story below for additional information.

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