Unedited Video of Accused South Mason Road Shooter in Court


HOUSTON (Covering Katy News) – Nicholas Dagostino, the man who is accused of shooting a female motorist while driving along South Mason Road was in court Thursday and according to the probable cause documents, he has a “very dim view of women.” His attitude about women is not the only new fact that was revealed as the judge read the charging instrument in court.  The court hearing took place during the predawn hours in the Harris County Probable Cause Courtroom in downtown Houston.

Dagostino has been locked up for weeks after being charged with shooting a motorist on South Mason Road on the afternoon of July 10. The victim is a woman who took a bullet to the arm.  That bullet then entered her chest near her heart.

Dagostino has been charged with aggravated assault and his bond is set at $250,000 bond. Dagostino has not made bond and remains locked up at the Harris County Jail.

If he does make bond he will need to wear a GPS monitor, have no contact with the two women that he allegedly shot, have no access to weapons, drink no alcohol and observe an 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. curfew.

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Perhaps the biggest new piece of information revealed in court is that detectives have linked Dagostino to the shooting of another woman on March 7, 2018.  It happened at a Katy Freeway Shell gas station on the eastbound feeder road, between Highway 6 and Eldridge Parkway.

After filling her Kia Sol with gas, the victim told detectives that she pulled her car onto the feeder road and then “heard a loud noise and felt pain in her right arm.”

“She did not realize until later that she had been shot,” the court document said. “She stated that immediately after she was shot, she saw a white male in a dark green older model sport utility vehicle looking at her as he drove by and that it appeared he was looking to see if he’d hit her,” the court document said.

Dagostino owns a 1996 Ford Explorer that is similar to that description. He lives on Katy Ranch Road in a neighborhood that is off South Mason Road. The court document notes that his house is close to both shooting scenes.

It was also revealed that detectives believe Dagostino was involved in a total of 5 area shootings.

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