KATY, WEST HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) - Two men who saved a person from a burning car, and a man who saved a woman from being drowned by an attacker were presented with awards by Harris County Precinct 5 Constable Ted Heap on Wednesday. Pct. 5 patrols a large part of west Harris County including the Katy area.

The award ceremony was part of Heap's National Police Week activities. 

Gerardo Hernandez, a Precinct 3 maintenance worker, helped save a woman from drowning after she was attacked by a stranger in March of 2020. 

Hernandez witnessed the attack and stepped in to stop it.

"This guy was crazy, and he was naked too," Hernandez said of the attacker. 

In December of 2019, Wrecker drivers Jamal Suleiman and Hamza Elayyan came to the aid of a motorist who was trapped inside a burning car as deputies fought to free him. They provided an extended crowbar to Precinct 5 deputies that allowed them to move the dashboard that kept the man trapped inside the car. 

"It was pretty scary seeing the guy screaming and burning, Elayyan said.  It was pretty intense."

Asked how they stayed calm, he admitted that they were not calm at all.

"We actually did not keep our cool. We were running around like psychos," Elayyan said.

Suleiman said they did what they always do when they get to a scene prior to emergency medical services arriving, but this time the car began burning very quickly.

"This is part of our job," Suleiman said. "If we're waiting on EMS, we cut the seatbelt and get them out of the car.  We do whatever we can do to save a life. This time it was insane."

"Precinct 5 salutes each of these individuals for putting their own safety aside to help others whose lives were in danger," said a statement from the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office.

See the video below produced by Jeff McShan for Precinct 5. 

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