NORTHWEST HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – A local burglar seems to have inside knowledge of the layout and contents of a home he targeted, but he was clearly unaware that a camera was inside the walk-in closet. When the burglar discovered he was being recorded, he tried unsuccessfully to disable the camera by throwing a box of ammunition at it. The burglar’s reaction was caught on video, which you can see below. He’s covered up but you can see his eyes.

Precinct 5 Constable Ted Heap is releasing the video of the panicked burglar for all to see. He hopes someone will recognize the thief.

The burglary occurred on Oct. 19 in the 20300 block of Broad Harbor Lane in the Mirabella neighborhood of Cypress. The neighborhood is off West Road near North Fry Road. Heap says the burglar stole several purses worth thousands of dollars.

Security cameras recorded the burglar arriving at the house and rummaging through the victim’s closet while the driver of the getaway car waited outside in a white Mercedes late model C-class sedan.

Video also captures the burglar disabling an exterior motion-activated light before smashing a bathroom window to access the closet where the purses were stored.

“This burglar appears to know what he is looking for in this victim’s closet,” said Constable Heap. “While he is covered up, the cameras do get a good look at his eyes, his gloves and the car he’s riding in. I’m hoping someone will recognize him, his car or may have heard someone talking about this burglary.”

The suspect appears to be a light-skinned black male who is left-handed and is wearing black Under Armour sweatpants, a navy blue hoodie, a black jacket, dark shoes with tan soles and dark ski gloves that have white and red stripes across the back of the hand.

If you recognize this suspect or have any information that may help solve this crime, Constable Heap asks you to contact Investigator James Dancer ( or let them know through their online crime tips webpage:

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