Jason Beaty

Jason Beaty on his bike.

NORTHWEST HARRIS COUNTY - When Jason Beaty crashed his motorcycle on Highway 99 near West Road on May 5, 2019, the crash was believed by some to have been a fatality, but he survived. Now, Beaty and is wife are on a mission to find the person who called 911 following the crash, and stayed with him until help arrived. Part of that help included Life Flight which took him to the the medical center in Houston for emergency life saving surgery at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

"We want to let the person know he survived," said Beaty's wife Kristen Herndon. 

Herndon does not want the person to be left believing he or she witnessed a fatality. 

"Without them, he would not be here today," she said.

The crash scene may have looked like a fatality. It was bad. Most people would not have speculated that Beaty would survive.

"From what I understand, he was mangled, completely wrapped around a pole that separated the east and westbound lanes," Herndon said.

Yet the driver called 911 and stayed with Beaty. Herndon believes the horrific crash scene is probably one that the heroic person will never be able to forget and that it would be helpful to know that Beaty is alive. 

"We have tried to make contact with the witness," she said.

Due to privacy laws she says the Harris County Sheriff's Office is unable identify the 911 caller. She's hoping her message and her Facebook post will go viral in an effort to locate the caller.

"If you were the witness, or if you know someone that mentioned witnessing such a tragic accident, please message me" Herndon says in her Facebook post. "Without them, he would not be here today." 

If you want to help, forward the post below to friends who may know who made the call. 

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