CITY OF KATY (Covering Katy News)—The Katy City Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday voted to recommend city council approval of the 25K Morton Park and Silver Oaks Estate planned development district. The council is expected to consider approval at its December 9 meeting.

The district would be approximately 46 acres of single-family residential and commercial use lots. Morton Road borders the proposed district on the south, the Katy Hockley Cut-Off Road is the eastern border, and the Heritage Park West subdivision is to the north. The land to the east of the Katy Hockley Cut-Off Road is under City of Houston extraterritorial jurisdiction.

The December 9 meeting will be the second time the council will consider approving the district. The issue first came up in February 2018. At that time, the council voted to delay consideration after an extended public hearing in which residents, council members, and the attorney representing the developer expressed concerns about flooding and commercial lot use in the proposed district.

The plan presented to the council in 2018 had been revised to include several city-requested changes for fencing and screening, landscaping, lighting, lot sizes, recreational space, signage, and zoning. Costello, Inc., the firm hired by the city to make recommendations for reducing future flooding problems, was asked to review the proposal and make recommendations on water flow out of the area.

It was not immediately clear after Tuesday’s meeting what additional changes were made. Reportedly, two detention ponds that will drain to the east of the development are part of the flood mitigation plan and a Costello official said that the developer had made sure that the development met city and county drainage requirements.

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Correction there are 40 residents on Princeton Drive not 4.


Disappointed in this Zoning process. It would appear the concerns of Katy citizens are not being heard and supported . This latest decision I am aware that there has been a lot of residents around that have been on local connect apps discussing this and other matters. May I remind City hall you are elected officials by the Katy residents.

Recent;ly another matter came up that on the property 5346 Franz Rd re the installation of a cell tower. Being a long term resident in Princeton Dr. [23 years], we recieved notice that it would be up for discussing on a Thuursday at 1 pm-a time when most residents would be at work and woud not be able to physically attend. Some did and we razed concern that a cell tower was to be erected between 2 schools -Hutsell and Kt Junior High, plus it would impact the 4 residents of Princeton Drive. There are already 8 cell towers in a 5 mile radience around schools and Townpark Subdivision -we did not need another close to us .This tower would impact our house prices and there is Medical concerns on the radium which transmits. Plus this Cell tower owner -Eco site already has one litigation against in filed in June 2019 by the community of Cedarburg Wisconsin !. But again our concerns were ignored it it passed both Zoning panels -We know these companies can be very money fruitful for those who allow them.

There was also the matter of off road planning for Tiger Sqaure.passed -an area that is already constricted being close to a High school.

Why are these panels ignoring the concerns of their citizens. We are the ones who are actually affected by these changes NOT the panel!

We moved here in 1993 because we believed it was a community that cared for their citizens,children and great schools but I think they have forgotten this.

Disgusted S.R. Jarvis

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