KATY (Covering Katy News) - USA Shutters on Baker Road in Katy has been building beautiful plantation shutters for 20 years and now they’re selling factory direct to the customer.

“It gives us the ability to better serve the customer without the middleman,” said Mark Garrison, who founded USA Shutters in 2000.

Factory direct not only allows customers to pay a lower price, it also allows Mark’s company to sell more shutters.

“You never know how many jobs you’re losing because the middleman is pricing the job too high,” he said.

Amanda and Mark Garrison - USA Shutters

Amanda and Mark Garrison in their office at USA Shutters on Baker Road in Katy. 

Mark has an accounting degree from Texas A&M University. He worked for 15 years as the chief financial officer of a commercial window covering company. He knew the business side of the operation, but he had an entrepreneurial spirit.

“During that time I had been a hobbyist woodworker,” he said. “I decided in 2000 that I wanted to do something different and I came across a shutter components distributer and she encouraged me to build shutters,” he said.

The family garage in Katy became Mark’s workshop. By 2001 he’d perfected his product and moved to his current location in Katy where he opened a plantation shutter manufacturing plant with his wife Amanda. Today, two of their boys are also part of the family business.

USA Shutters

A skilled craftsman working at the USA Shutters manufacturing operation in Katy. 

“From the beginning the quality was always really good, but it was the efficiency that took me about three years to figure out,” Mark said.

He needed to perfect how to build plantation shutters efficiently, while still maintaining his high quality.

“It was a matter of hiring the right people, getting the right mix of employees and improving the equipment,” Mark said.

Now he’s able to produce shutters in 3 to 5 weeks from the time a customer’s window is measured to the time his crew is installing them.

USA Shutters has successfully completed more than 18,000 jobs in 19 years. Every shutter is custom made and guaranteed.

USA Shutters custom builds standard rectangular shutters and shutters with eyebrow arches, full arches, trapezoidal shapes and clear view panels. They will also handcraft sunburst style shutters, either with or without divider rails.

The attention to detail can’t be beat. Even when it’s time to apply the stain, Mark and Amanda won’t settle for anything but the best.

“Our stain is a furniture finish,” he said.

USA Shutters

A shutter frame that has been stained at USA Shutters

And their craftsmen have been with them for years. Not only do they craft beautiful shutters, but they do repairs too. Following Hurricane Harvey, USA Shutters’ crews were working double time to save shutters that were damaged following Houston’s historic flooding.

“When you’ve done 18,000 jobs over 20 years, a lot of our customers were calling for repairs after their home flooded,” Mark said.

Unlike many of his competitors, at USA Shutters, the owner of the company actually knows how to build the shutters. Now, Mark is selling his shutters directly to the customer so they can receive the best price and he can more easily provide the best service.

They’re local, and their sons are now grown and ready to continue the business for generations to come.

“I was born here. Mark has been here since 1973. We’re not going anywhere,” Amanda said.

Click here to learn more about USA Shutters.

USA Shutters is a Covering Katy Sponsor.

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