Treveon Tatum

Treveon Tatum

KATY, HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) - A detective's report obtained by Covering Katy News says that a recent murder in the Greenhouse Road area was the result of a drug deal gone bad, a "set up" designed to obtain a few ounces of marijuana by killing the dealer instead of paying him for the drug. 

Treveon Tatum, 18, admits shooting Ondreus Patterson, 18, on Oct. 26 at about 1 a.m. Patterson died at the scene.

Patterson was shot in front of his home in the 19006 block of Cypress Bay Drive which is off Greenhouse Road near Clay Road. The detectives report says Patterson was selling marijuana, and got murdered in the process.

"Treveon (Tatum) stated it was a set-up. It was going to be a 'lick' and he was just going to take it (marijuana) from him," the detective stated in her report. 

"Treveon (Tatum) said once he got out of the car he saw Ondreus (Patterson) coming at him and thought he was reaching for something. Then he said he just got scared and started shooting," the detective wrote in her report.  

Tatum's claims of being afraid that Patterson was reaching for something are undercut by actual events. 

The group in the killer's car had already completed one marijuana sale and Patterson had not harmed them. He had not reached for a weapon.

Minutes later, Tatum decided he wanted to return to Patterson's house to obtain marijuana for himself. According to the detective's report, both transactions were captured by neighborhood surveillance video. The first transaction was carried out without any violence but the second transaction was deadly.

Video allowed detectives to get the license plate of the vehicle. After researching the license plate detectives learned that the car was a 2016 black Kia Forte. 

In the report the detective recounts what she saw on the surveillance video. 

"I observed this suspect begin to shoot the complainant (Patterson) approximately four or five times," the detective wrote in her report. 

After being shot, the video captures Patterson running back into his garage, where he collapsed and died. The shooter and his associates took off.

Later that day the aunt of Patterson revealed that one of the men who was with the shooter works at a nearby grocery store on North Fry Road. That led to interviews with two other men who were in the car. They also revealed that they'd picked up a woman who was driving the car that night, but neither man could provide the woman's full name.

According to the report, the men stopped by Patterson's house to buy "four grams of weed," and that moments after the transaction Tatum said he wanted to return and make his own marijuana purchase from Patterson.

"As they returned back to the residence, Ondreus (Patterson) is seen on surveillance footage exiting the garage with his cell phone in one hand and a bag in the other," the detective states in her report. 

The report does not indicate if the two men who were with Tatum will be charged. A check of the criminal court records show that the the shooters associates had not been charged at the time this report was published. 

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