Mike Schofield

Mike Schofield

KATY (Covering Katy News) - Former Texas Representative Mike Schofield, R-Katy, is congratulating Texas voters for passing a proposition that bans a state imcome tax.  Schofield say he wrote and filed the bill that eventually became Proposition 4.

"The passage of Prop 4 to ban a state income tax in Texas is a big win for Texas taxpayers, Schofield said in a press release. "It will now require a constitutional amendment for the state to impose an income tax, which is highly unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future. It was nearly three years ago that I began the quest for a constitutional amendment to ban a state income tax. I worked on the bill over the holidays in 2016 and filed it in January 2017. To see three-fourths of Texas voters (well over 1.4 million) vote for the proposition is highly gratifying and shows that we were in touch with what real Texans want for themselves and for their families." 

Texas remains one of only seven states that doesn’t have a state income tax.

"Not only is this a great competitive advantage for our state in attracting businesses and jobs, but it reaffirms our commitment to ensure that Texans keep more of their hard-earned money instead of having to turn it over to an ever-growing government," Schofield said. "I am proud to have played my part in recognizing the issue and filing the bill in 2017, and I am grateful to my former colleagues Rep. Jeff Leach and Sen. Pat Fallon for following through and getting it passed this session. Generations of Texans will be better off because of their hard work and dedication to Texas families."

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